This Obsidian Portal is meant to be a resource for both FM and Fated. I hope that the more content and time you put into this site, the more you can get out of the campaign in general! Some suggestions on where to start include…

Bulk-up your Character.

Dabbler.jpgI’m not picky about loading character stats here; instead I’d appreciate it if everyone could create a “public” character biography. That is to say, find your player character in the Characters tab, add a shorter blurb of all physical/behavior traits that would be seen by NPC’s/other PC’s without revealing any secrets you want to keep to yourself, and add any other information (inventory, running wealth total, etc.) you feel necessary!

Visit the Wiki.

Mali101.jpgHopefully this will be a collection of pages where both player and party knowledge can be collected in one place. Reading or adding to these pages will help in both organizing character knowledge and player immersion. To date, only info that the FM thinks is important has been provided, and he may have omitted important information that your character might care about!

Update the Adventure Log.

adventlog.jpgThe adventure log is where your adventures and exploits are chronicled. Eventually, the FM will also add links of recordings in each of the respective entries. Currently, each log has been written by the FM-perspective, but my hope is that these entries can be done by players in a rotating fashion. Better yet, if they were written in character, that would be perfect! Take a look at the logs to-date, make any updates and/or corrections, then start thinking about posting yourself in the future!

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Through the Breach

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