Through the Breach

Backwater Bootleg

The Party encounters Captain Greenbeard

Gremlins.jpg With some nimble navigation and piloting from Ave and Choko, the Party navigated their flat-bed vessel through the perilous swamps of the Bayou. While this was the first time that the Party ventured beyond Malifaux’s walls, the “bait” crew didn’t encounter any complications in the first few miles of travel.

Once the metropolis was well out of sight, Captain Greenbeard made his move. Commanding a laughable small vessel to board the Party’s raft, shots began to fire as the three humans tried to repel the three- gremlin crew. All was going according to plan; the Party’s superior weapons and cover (the empty boxes were arranged defensibly on the raft) gave the raft an upper hand. However, Greenbeard had some dirty tricks of his own. Summoning a vegetable boarding bridge with the little green motes in his beard and commanding ethereal Void Wretches, the tide of battle quickly shifted.

Completely outflanked and with cover disappearing into the maws of the Wretches, James was the first to fall under the attacks of the three-legged monsters. Instead of taking a fatal injury, however, James disappeared as the cargo did. With one man removed from battle, all seemed lost to Ave and Choko.

However, as soon as he disappeared, James rematerialized, invigorated and energized, with all of Greenbeard’s stolen loot. With the Wretches popping out of existence too, the gremlin advantage was gone. Greenbeard’s goons either expired under a rain of bullets or cowardly (well, possibly wisely) retreated under this new development. Angered by this unprecedented turn for the worst, Greenbeard did a final charge, but caved under the superior numbers.

With the battle won, Captain Greenbeard’s head as a trophy, AND Harvey’s loot recovered, the Party stood victorious.


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