Through the Breach

Campaign Week 4: Dead Zones

Four factions find Malifaux drained of life

Whether it is the lingering effects of the first rituals or the indescriminant deforestation of the carnivorous plants, Malifaux is left avoid of both life and magical power.

Blame and evasion of responsibility abounds in Malifaux proper this week. Sanctioned spellcasters and suspected Arcanists complain that the Guild-sanctioned plant-killing has crippled the aetheric lifeforce and energies within the City. Meanwhile, the Guild countered with an official statement saying the current magical drain the is lingering effects of the aggressive plantlife, and their intervention saved the city from further, greater harm. Whoever is to blame, illegal magical activities seem to be in the decline in the current magical state, which the Guild seems weirdly ok with the current state of the City.


jthompson jthompson

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