Through the Breach

Fissured Fealty

The Party must choose between Horniege or Harvey

steam_trunk.jpg After escaping the treacherous swamp, Mr. H’s Five returned to their hideout and began licking their wounds. An annoying beggar was stationed outside when they first approached, but since only Ave flipped a coin into the beggar’s cup, James denied his third Destiny step. Dr. Horniege immediately began work on his construct body with the harvested Strangemetal, and the Party members fractured in several different directions, purchasing replacement clothing, gaining a first aid kit, and storing The Emerald Tome in the Vault while in Malifaux proper.

However, it became apparent that the Party’s movements and past choices are starting to catch up with them. A curt note was posted on the inside of the front door. In Harvey’s handwriting, the note demands the Party visit him ASAP, most likely to demand his 60% share of the Enclave raid during Morgue Mayhem. While the Party was able to hide this disturbing communique from Horniege briefly, the small Soulstone still detected the threat.

This launched Horniege into an accusatory tirade; very uncharacteristic to the Doctor’s previous disposition. Horniege claimed the actions of the Five has brought unwanted attention to his works, and the only option is to move his (and their) hideout without delay. While the Party was taken aback by Horniege’s outburst, the member’s agreed to help with the move if they could settle things with Harvey first. Horniege begrudgingly agreed.

By the command of the note, the Party returned to Harvey’s safe house for the meeting. While in the past the small basement has served to be a modest warehouse of smuggled goods, the room was completely empty of goods and help, save Harvey’s core group of affiliates. Harvey immediately requested his cut of the Enclave Job, but when the Party explained not much profit was gained from the affair and that nothing was worth handing over, Harvey explained their debt could be forgiven by a different service.

Harvey explained the recovered Emerald Tome has gone missing, and that it was partially John’s fault as delivery courier. The Tome had gone missing mid-transit to an unnamed employer.To demonstrate his frustration, power, and (as detected by James) desperation, Harvey ordered Bill to kill John, execution style right in front of the Party to cow them into subservience. With John’s bloody body slumped on the floor by a strange mental attack, Harvey explained recovery of the Tome was his priority number one, and all would be forgiven if the Party would re-recover the Tome that they first retrieved from Captain Greenbeard. Startled by the butchery Harvey had just ordered on his own men, the Party left stunned by the request.

Midway to Horniege’s Workshop, James pulled Ave and Cho’ko into a dark alley to discuss their next move, because it is apparent now that Harvey and Horniege want two different things from their service; Harvey wants a quick, Malifaux-centric investigation to recover the Tome they already have, while Horniege wants to go underground, possibly making a new hideout in the Quarentine Zone (QZ). Loyalties and motivations of each member were questioned, but a group consensus was still found; Horniege seems to have quasi-approval and protection from the Governor’s Secretary, while Harvey seems to have recently become erratic and a pawn to another higher power. In the end, the group agreed to keep their Tome a secret and align with Horniege. Since this turned group loyalty away from Horniege, this too denied Ave’s third Destiny step.

When the Party returned, Horniege had completely gutted his small apartment and had in minutes constructed a Steam Trunk out of construct pieces and bookshelf timber to carry himself and his incomplete body outside. Horniege then provided fool-proof Guild papers that would allow them access to the QZ, where they can continue his work unmolested. With fresh gear and iron-clad passports, the Five then left Downtown and the Slums behind and entered the gates into the QZ.

An unedited recording of this session can be found here.


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