Through the Breach

Intercity Investigations

The Party explores Downtown Malifaux

downtown.jpgFinally arriving to Malifaux proper, the party immediately sets out not only to determine Dr. Horniege’s location, but to peddle some of their wares that they gained from the train ride.

Both making purchases and gathering information, James purchases additional ammunition at Edgerton Armaments in the well protected Downtown. While no leads were gained from the shop owner, Ave used this time to also visit The Troubled Clef and purchased a ratty fiddle case to better conceal her new illegal weapon.

With dangerous twilight drawing ever darker, the party took cheap housing at The Concealed Saber, a dive that Ave used to frequent on the border of the Riverfront Slums. After purchasing a room, James uncovered the first lead in their mission after playing a shady game of Bayou Two Card with the Saber’s patrons: Dr. Horniege is a Guild official of some sort, and had put a call out for volunteers of some sort in the various slums and offered room and board to those selected. Apparently many street urchins applied, but few were selected, and the posters came down faster than they were put up. Beyond this one little blip in street gossip, there hasn’t been any other mention of Horniege.

After turning in and enjoying a poor night’s sleep, the party determined that looking for one of these posters might be the best option to finding Horniege. Continuing down the border between Downtown and the various slums, the party found the “Guild-Approved” Pawnshop, which looked like a good, albeit ironic, fence to move the bejeweled carrying case for El Coraz√≥n, hopefully getting rid of the penultimate evidence of the parties involvement with the train murders. While negotiating for a price with a sleepy-eyed clerk, Choko became hypnotized with an antique bell that seemed to come from the Three Kingdoms. Offering a trade instead of a direct payout, Choko gained her first fate step by acquiring the bell, with some extra money on the side for the rest of the party.

Before delving deeper into the dangerous slums, Ave has a brainwave on how to solve the mystery of Dr. Horniege’s Letter. By using Choko’s black stone that Horniege mailed to her, Ave finally revealed invisible clues that were unique to each party member’s letter. After a quick deciphering, “EAST SLUM dist” was found in the gibberish writings, and the party made a U-turn towards the Easterly Slums.

While making their trek there, James recommended a short detour to the Malifaux Records Office while passing through the Industrial Zone. While Choko took in all the sights, marveling at both the impressive steamborgs loading new ore into train cars and the new mine claim postings on the exterior of the office, James and Ave inquired inside the chaotic office. It was there that a chilling receptionist clarified that Horniege is fact deceased, and has been so for about a week! Before incurring anymore suspicion from the bureaucrat, the party made their exit, even more driven to get at the bottom of Horniege’s purposed mission, which they had only received the day before.

Finally arriving to the generally deserted Easterly slums at noontide, James found another clue from Horniege’s letter; “NINE DEAD road.” Ave, knowing the area well enough, quickly spirited them to an abandoned half-built apartment complex with the suggested address. While the lock was strangely well-made and impossible to lock-pick, Choko immediately saw the pattern in the puzzle-lock and gained easy entry. Inside the deserted, spartan abode, they stumbled into what must be Horniege’s steampunk workshop. While they were attacked by a rudimentary, under powered security system, the team was able to take control of the room with a few well placed shots and swipes with both bullet and blade.

On the desk sits another note of Dr. Horniege’s handwriting. With their mission finally revealed to them, how will the party proceed, especially with Horniege’s workshop available to them?

Recordings can be found below. This game day was a little longer, so the unedited recording comes in three parts:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Picture taken from Incunablog


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