Through the Breach

Morgue Mayhem

The Party finally infiltrates the Guild Enclave

morgue.jpgWith Choko badly hurt during their narrow escape from the Sewers, the Party quickly patched up Choko and remove her Blight-bitten ailment inflicted by the Vermin Baron. Returning to Dr. Horniege’s Workshop to lick their wounds, the Party decides to meet Harvey the next day and deliver the The Emerald Tome.

After a brief rest, the Party found Harvey in his safehouse… waiting for them. Displayed around him was a collection of thugs (which he named Bill, Drew, John, Mirra, Steve, and Thomas), which showed that Harvey intended to show some level of force and power during negotiations. After a bit of bartering and resolving Ave’s next Destiny step, the Party delivered the scalped beard of Greenbeard and the Tome. This allowed them to receive increased help from Harvey, including:

  • The first promised map of the Enclave. Though dated from the first surveys immediately after the Second Breach, the map is very detailed.
  • Pledged assistance from Mirra and Thomas, who could, between them, forge Guild documents and act as a supposed Guardsman escort.
  • Provided a small penny whistle with explicit instructions.
  • However, Harvey had to be talked down to a still steep 60-40 cut for their job.

Determining the suggested facade of “body identification” to legitimize their visit to the Morgue, the Party made some suitable clothing purchases and galvanized their plans at their hideout. While the two new recruits, particularly Thomas, struck the Party as odd, they were glad for the help they provided.

Mature-Nephilim.pngThe next day, they set out for the Enclave. While their documents and performances were convincing, the front gate would not let them through since they weren’t scheduled in their itinerary. Sensing trouble, Ave blew the whistle, which summoned two Mature Nephilim right into the Guild compound. Immediately causing alarm and clearing a path for the Party when the gate guard abandoned their post, the five infiltrators booked it for the main building during the chaos.

Quickly finding the Morgue with Harvey’s map and Thomas’ affinity for the complex, the Party then began searching the room for Dr. Horniege’s item. While his personal effects had no sign of the black egg artifact (but did have useful items like Horniege’s old badge and a small parchment with random numbers), the Party discovered that the artifact was surgically implanted in Horniege’s gut, and it only took a quick slice to expose their treasure; bringing them one step closer to fulfilling their first quest and, more importantly, payment.

However, Thomas had other plans. The disguised Resurrectionist went looking for another prize of his own, and after finding it (the necrotic artifact inside Dr. McMourning’s desk), he revealed himself to be Aaron Smith and began summoning Necropunks and Rotten Belles inside the Morgue. While the ensuing battle seemed impossible to stop Aaron’s escape (especially with the limited weapons the Party smuggled in), they vanquished the wanna-be Resser with the use of Ave’s Secret Item.

When the undead finally collapsed in a heap, the sounds of Nephilim battle upstairs started to calm and quiet. Now, the Party must determine how to escape the blood-soaked Morgue and the highly-alerted Enclave.

An unedited recording of this session can be found here.

Morgue image taken from Project Sector 7 (Wordpress).


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