Through the Breach

Robotic Rebirth

The Party finally meets Dr. Horniege

workshop.jpgAfter slipping through the Guild’s clutches, the Party (hereafter referred to as Mr. H’s Five, which will become apparent shortly) quickly returned to Dr. Horniege’s Workshop to lick their wounds from the battle during Morgue Mayhem and to ponder on Lucius’ warning words. At this time, both James and Cho’ko focused and activated the grimoires in their possesion; the Emerald Tome and the Octahedron, respectively.

With the retrieved Midnight Egg in their possession once more, the then-Four thought it more pressing to collect their promised bounty (as described in Dr. Horniege’s second letter) before reporting back to Harvey. With a bit of deduction, they found themselves at the front footsteps of the Vault at around 4 pm (right before closure of business hours), safe deposit box ticket in hand. With little convincing, James was directed down into the Old Malifaux catacombs and collected Dr. Horniege’s promised goods; a stack of Scrip, some more specialized gadgetry, and a charged, 2-lade Soulstone. Emptying the cash and only leaving some gadgets and the Soulstone (after some brief concentration) in the drawer, the Four returned to their hideout to see what their next step will be.

After some puzzling with Horniege’s last communique, the Four successfully opened the Midnight Egg with help from Cho’s Secret Item and revealed a charged, 5-lade Soulstone! Following his instructions, they installed the ’stone into the melon-sized contraption, which flickered to life.

The construct’s “head” then introduced itself as the late Dr. Horniege, and quickly explained how he cheated death by using the techniques he pioneered during Project Lazarus and Project Osiris. With his death wrought before he could finish his new body, however, Horniege promised more life savings from his former Project members if they would help him one more time; building him a new body.

The first step is collecting a new superior metal to make his various casings; Strangemetal. With his memories of old Guild associates, Horniege recalled a Lucas McCabe had found the material out in the Bayou, with the help of a Bayouborn guide, Pancho Peach. After a little convincing, the Party wet out with Horniege’s head in tow to find this Pancho Peach.

With only a little searching and the sun setting, the Party found the curious specimen of Pancho Peach in the Riverfront Slums, who quickly agreed to bring the group to the Strangemetal ruins that Lucas first explored.

An unedited recording of this session can be found here.

Image taken from “Web of Deceit: Black Widow,” illustrated by Elichev Alexandr.


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