Through the Breach

Troubles at the Trainstation

The Party avoids capture and finally meet

matt_kohr_CHOW150.jpgAt the end of last session, the individual party members were desperately trying to plan how to avoid too many questions in their involvement over the bloody murder of two Guild officials on the train. When the train finally rolled into the first Malifaux Station, all passengers where quarantined until each was interrogated. Originally, an impressive response of several train employees, a Guild sergeant, a field coroner, and a witchling stalker descended on the train car, terrifying passengers with any guilty conscience. However, the sergeant-interrogate proved to be an impatient drunk (probably was called while off-duty in the nearest pub at the late hour), flying through interrogations with very little grilling, even when several eye witnesses hinted at James’ involvement. With very little deception, each player returned to the train car unscathed.

However, the party wasn’t out of the woods yet. It seemed the deceased was carrying an important package, one they wished to retrieve. While the wild-looking coroner vouched that good Samaritan(s) had actually defended the whole car from a Breach-induced nightmare (and was not unprovoked Guild-icide), each passenger was patted-searched as they finally exited the train. While Ave had little to hid, both Choko and James had to smuggle the acquired parcel and the murder weapon, respectively. With quick thinking from Choko, she was able to disguise the paper parcel as a sick bag, while James’ concealed holster proved its worth.

Finally free from Guild eyes, the party members tailed each other to a shadowy corner of the train station and finally confronted each other on their shared ability being unstuck in time during the train ride. After a flurry of deals and compromises, Ave offered to lockpick the bejewel, small chest in Choko’s concealed bag if its wealth was shared in favor to her. With begrudging agreement (determining Ave would be a better ally than enemy for James’ uses), the party discovered Ave’s first fate step; El Coraz√≥n Sangrante. After unlocking the box’s riches, the party discovered they came to Malifaux with a similar purpose, and compared their resources provided in [[Dr. Horniege’s Letter]]. Agreeing to finally work together to find the elusive Doctor, they then set out toward the heavily Guild-controlled Downtown.

Art by Matt Kohr


jthompson jthompson

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