Aaron Smith

Wannabe Resser dispatched by Party


A named target mentioned in the Vengeance Round in Ave’s possession. Little was known of him until the Party experienced the Morgue Mayhem.

Aaron Smith proved to be a fledgling Resurrectionist. After a spat of murders and the Guild getting his scent, Smith disguised himself and assumed the identity of Thomas Raino, effectively hiding in plain sight.

Harvey, who helped Aaron gain his new guise, lent him to the Party to help infiltrate the Guild Enclave. Secretly, Aaron didn’t ask any pay for this (even though Harvey claimed he did to increase his share); his reward was access to Dr. McMourning’s lab, to retrieve any Resurrectionist artifacts he may have absentmindedly left in his “day job.”

Thankfully, the Party stopped Smith from achieving his goal with the use of a Vengeance Round, in fact gaining the very artifact Smith was seeking.

Aaron Smith

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