Captain Greenbeard

Bayou Gremlin Bandit


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Captain Greenbeard was a particularly elderly gremlin, sporting an eyepatch, poorly-imagined tricorn hat, and a hooked hand made of a strange, dark metal. Ending every sentence with “Yarr!” in the characteristic, high pitch gremlin-voice, it was obvious that Greenbeard only had a small understanding of what a pirate actually is or what they look like.

Greenbeard named himself by the beard he was so proud of. While his beard in truth was a long, flowing grey, little motes and clumps of algae and moss colored the majority of his hair a sickly green.


An annoyance of Harvey‘s Bayou smuggling operations, the players were tasked with eliminating this gremlin and his crew. Harvey didn’t given many specifics (he actually seems embarrassed that a gremlin can so easily disrupt his smuggling runs), but he seems willing to pay heavily to delete the threat.

During the Backwater Bootleg, the party successfully lured the gremlin and his two crew mates into attacking their empty cargo. While it originally seemed like the Party had the confrontation under control, Greenbeard began wielding magics and powers unheard of by gremlins. Summoning boarding bridges and Void Wretches, the Party was put on their back feet. If it wasn’t for the disappearance and reappearance of James during the battle, survival wouldn’t have been certain.

Captain Greenbeard

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