Cho'ko's First Creation

Cho'ko's creation using Horniege's parts


Minion, Construct, Rare 1

Df Wp Wd Wk Cg Ht
5 0 5 5 6 1


Fated Controlled: This model does not have its own activation. Fated who cast “Animate Construct” on this model may spend (1) AP during their Activation for this model to immediately perform any (1) AP action.

Attack Actions

(1) Swarm of Knives and Edges (Ml 5 / Rst: Df / Rg: Melee 1): Target suffers 1/2/4 damage. This damage has the Stunning property.

Tactical Actions

(1) Flock of Fingers and Toes: This model may discard a card. If it does, this model may push up to its Wk and gain the Focused +1 Condition.

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A swarm of steam powered nanobots, this machine of Choko’s resembles a large spider when fully assembled. While rudimentary in design (only costing 22 SS), this will most likely be the first of many Choko-made constructs.

During Morgue Mayhem, design took a darker twist. In an attempt to make the construct more stealthy, Choko fashioned the fingertips of fallen undead to quiet the clatter of its talons on hard floors. Whether or not this highly suspicious design element is noticed by powers who would take offense to this remains to be seen.

Image taken from Stargate SG-1.

Cho'ko's First Creation

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