Ave's Criminal Mentor


A dapper crime boss with several operations in the Riverfront Slums, Harvey was the only true father or teacher figure that Ave had while growing up on the streets, both Earth- and Mali-side. Speaking and dressing in a fashion that hides his true nature, Harvey was once a master burglar and thief. It is said his heists were so renowned but so perfectly covert, only the highest of upper-class know of his embarrassingly-successful exploits.

In recent years, however, Harvey has enlarged his appetite and has recently made his individual criminal activity more into a business with employees to be controlled. Contracting dozens of spies and even more smugglers, Harvey would be a rising star of criminal organization, if it weren’t for the massive Guild target that would be painted on such an attention-hungry “star.”

His and Ave’s joint history is vague to the casual observer. Ave will easily admit Harvey has taught her all that she knows, but seeing their interactions together begs if there is something more than just simply a mentoring relationship.

During Ten Thunder Tiff, Harvey’s organization seems to have completely fallen, and his whereabouts, or even he is alive, are unknown.


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