Horniege's Immortal Masterpiece


Henchman, Construct, 50 mm

Df Wp Wd Wk Cg Ht
4 5 12 4 5 3


Armor +2: Reduce all damage suffered by this character by +2, to a minimum of 1.

Hard to Wound +1: Damage flips against this character suffer a negative flip modifier.

Terrifying (Living) 10: Enemy living characters must pass a TN 10 Horror Duel when they end their turn within this character’s engagement range or target this character with a harmful action.

Apophis Edict: This character does something secret at certain times!

Attack Actions

(1) Mechanical Claws (Ml 6 / Rst: Df / Rg: Melee 2): Target suffers 3/4/5 damage.

R Critical Strike: When damaging, deal 1 additional damage for each “R” in the final Duel Total.

C Brutal Strike: After damaging, the target suffers a Weak Critical Effect, in addition to any other Critical Effects it would suffer.

(2) Soul-shredder Stinger (Ca 5T / Rst: Wp / Rg: 8): Target suffers 1/0/0 damage. If moderate is flipped, the target takes additional damage equal to half its current wounds. If severe is flipped, the target suffers damage equal to its current Wounds minus 1. At the end of this character’s activation, this character gains the Slow condition.

TC Soul Eater: This model heals 1 wound.

Tactical Actions

(1) Self Repair (Ca 5T / TN: 10): This character spends 1 card point and heals 2 wounds.

(1) “Neverborn? No, We Are NeverDEAD!” (Ca 5 / TN: 15T): This character may discard a card to summon a Neverdead in base contact with target Scrap marker within 6". The summoned model takes 4 damage that may not be reduced. Discard the Scrap marker.

(0) Strangemetal Resonance: All friendly constructs within 6" gain Armor +1 until the end of the Turn.

(0) The Claws Come Out!: This character places a 50mm Claws Marker in base contact, not touching any other character. This character may determine range and LoS for its actions from this marker. Remove the Claws Marker if this character is no longer in base contact with it.

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OMG Horniege is a scorpion now! Oh the humanity!

Image Taken from Catherinette Rings’ Deviant Art.


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