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  • Mr H's Five

    Mr. H's Five is the loose gang of Fated who are quickly making a name for themselves in the criminal underworld of [[Malifaux | Malifaux]]. Their exploits include hoodwinking [[The Guild | the Guild]] multiple times, slaying [[Gremlins | Gremlin]] bandits …

  • Cho'ko-sama

    • Long straight ebony hair that is in a braid, black eyeliner

    o Amerasian

    • Grey slacks with matching vest, Victorian cream blouse, women’s spats with a 1”-2” heel, think leather fingerless gloves

    • …

  • Cho'ko's First Creation

    A swarm of steam powered nanobots, this machine of Choko's resembles a large spider when fully assembled. While rudimentary in design (only costing 22 SS), this will most likely be the first of many Choko-made constructs. During [[Morgue Mayhem]], …

  • Mirra Rose

    If you would like to know more, Alyssa will have to add more!

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