Bane of the Syndicate

Manifested power granted to Ave after resolving her third Destiny step. Stats below:

Name: Bane of the Syndicate
Spell Parts: Special Elemental Weapon Magia with two Blast and Darkness Immuto
Skill (Aspect): Enchanting (Cunning)
AP: 2
TN: 13T
Resist: Special
Range: 1 yard Melee

Effect: The target weapon gains the effects of the Darkness and Blast +2 Immuto, treating the weapon as if it were the Magia that the Immuto were altering. This effect lasts 1 minute.

The wielder of the weapon may resist and, if they choose to do so, this Power immediately fails.

This Power may also be cast on a person, causing their unarmed attacks to gain the benefits of the Immuto.

Notes: As an example, If El Coraz√≥n Sangrante is enchanted by this Manifested Power, the Peacebringer gains a 2/3B/5B damage curve and the property, “Flak Fire: Any character that suffers damage from this weapon also gains the Blind condition for 1 turn.”

Bane of the Syndicate

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