Boon of the Thief

Manifested power granted to Ave after resolving her second Destiny step and Mirra after resolving her second Destiny step. Stats below:

Name: Boon of the Thief
Spell Parts: Invisibility Magia with 2 Increase Duration Immuto
Skill (Aspect): Prestidigitation (Cunning)
AP: 2
TN: 11M
Resist: -
Range: 1 yard Melee or Self

Effect: The target becomes invisible for 3 rounds. The invisibility immediately breaks if the character interacts with the world in a meaningful way, such as by attacking, moving an object, or opening doors.

Any attempts to spot the character suffer Triple Negative to the Flip if the spotter is relying on sight at all while the character is invisible. Even a guard who hears footsteps, for instance, will believe his eyes when he turns to see nobody there.

The character can otherwise be registered by other senses, but not by magical “sight” based sense (such as seeing spirits).

Any attacks made against an invisible character suffer Triple Negative to their attack Flip. If the attack succeeds, however, the invisibility ends as well.

Boon of the Thief

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