El Corazón Sangrante

800px-crest.pngA heavily modified Peacebringer, “El Corazón Sangrante” is a beautiful and perfectly balanced weapon. Originally in the possession of a Guild carrier, the party “procured” it and its bejeweled lock box when first crossing Through the Breach. Stats listed below:

Original Weapon: Peacebringer
Range: 10 Projectile
Damage: 2/3/5
Capacity: 6
Reload: 1 AP
Special:Intimidating: This weapon’s reputation may add + flips to Intimidate Flips, assuming it is used to spook the subject.”
Customizations: Pearl Grip with Soulstone/Crest* and “Nickel-Plated: This weapon adds + flips to any Bewitch Duels where it is used to impress the target.”

Attachment: Bayonet (Pistol)
Range: 1 Melee
Damage: 1/3/4

*Custom Grip gives no combat benefit, since it is not molded to any party member’s hand. However, soulstone gem only allows Ave to fire the pistol; it locks up if anyone else uses it. Crest representation unknown.

El Corazón Sangrante

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