Maria Brusker's Wedding Ring

Obtained during Melani’s Malevolence, Ave received this ring from Lucius Mattheson when he revealed some of her familial history. After discovering her mother was originally Maria Ortega, Ave embraced her destiny and receives the below Manifested skills while wearing the gold, soulstone-embedded wedding ring:

Nephilim Slayer

Requirement: Step 2 of Nephilim Hunter Advanced Pursuit
Rigorous studies of the enemy have allowed this character to identify their weakness. The character gains the following bonus to Attack Duels against Nephilim, as determined by the base Wounds Aspect of the target.

Wounds Aspect Bonus
2 or more You gain a Positive Twist
5 or more You can ignore cover
9 or more You may add any suit to your total

Specialized Skill: Pistol/Rams

Requirement: Fated Character.
The character has honed a specific skill, allowing her to perform tricks with little effort. Choose a skill and a Suit. Add the Suit to the Chosen skill’s value.

A character may have the Specialized skill Talent multiple times, but each time a different skill must be chosen.

Critical Strike: Pistol

Requirement: Specialized skill with Chosen skill.
A skilled Attacker is often able to deal more damage than a layman (or common thug), and this character is no exception to that rule. Choose a skill (Pistols). All attacks with the chosen skill gain the following Trigger:

R Critical Strike: When damaging, deal 1 additional damage for each R in the final Duel Total.

Maria Brusker's Wedding Ring

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