Obliteration's Gift

Manifested power granted to James via The Nothing Beast in his first Destiny Step. Stats below.

Name: Obliteration’s Gift
Spell Parts: Conjuring Magia with Delay (Turns) Immuto
Skill (Aspect): Prestidigitation (Cunning)
AP: 2
TN: 12T
Resist: -
Range: “Cunning” miles

Effect: The Caster summons an object that was previously prepared for summoning. The object appears in his hands, and must be an object that the character can hold in both hands.

A character may prepare an object for summoning by touching the object briefly and mentally concentrating on in. A character may have a number of objects prepared for summoning equal to his Cunning Aspect, with a minimum of 1.

The range of this Spell is equal to the user’s Cunning Aspect in miles.

The Spell can also be delayed, waiting for a set time to be released. When an Action with the Delay Immuto is taken the character spends the AP to cast the Spell and delares all targets as normal, but no other Spell effects are resolved and no Duels are made. Instead, when the Delay condition is met, the Spell takes effect and is resolved as normal, with no additional AP spent.

The character chooses a number of turns (up to 10) of Dramatic Time that the Spell will be delayed. After that many turns have passed, the Spell takes effect.

The caster may choose to not have the Spell take effect at the prescribed time, allowing the Spell to instead dissipate.

Obliteration's Gift

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