Project Lazarus

A Project mentioned by Lucius in passing during the Insidious Interrogations. What this cryptic hint means for the Party remains to be seen.

During Robotic Rebirth, however, it was revealed that Project Lazarus was one of the Guild’s “Black Projects” with the secret goal of infusing conditioned Soulstones with human souls that perfectly preserve their consciousnesses and personalities. The end goal was to manufacture superior constructs governed by protocols as complex as human thought.

While the Arcanists have been using a similar rudimentary practice that attempts this goal, results are far more basic. It is well known that harvesting the life force of only birds will create a more robust mechanical pigeon, or exterminating a whole dog kennel to “bred” a more predatory, wolfish Hunter.

Project Lazarus strove for more. Instead of blending multiple individuals and deriving a common, mutual instinct from a large sample, Lazarus wished to charge Soulstones one “soul” at a time and keep complex individual thought over vague communal instinct. While initially easy to conceive, the charge levels gained from one source is often unusable, which was the main barrier Lazarus had to design around.

The Project had an non-Guild-sanctioned successor after the Guild dismantlement, Project Osiris.

Project Lazarus

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