The Emerald Tome

grimoire.jpgA black leather-bound book recovered during the Basement Breakout, this is most likely the top-priority item Harvey wanted recovered from Captain Greenbeard’s raids.

The book is ancient, but beautiful. Polished silver filigree with a large emerald set in the center of its front cover decorates the text. While the script is in old, Neverborn Malifauxian, an extended study may yield a useful Grimoire for the reader.

After a short study, the Nothing Beast confided with James that this book is part of a set of three, and holds power to either liberate… or imprison… all who challenge the book’s owner.

During Morgue Mayhem, the Party successfully delivered the Tome… however, James opted to summon it back into his possession in later adventures, causing considerable tension between the Party and Harvey in following sessions.

The Emerald Tome is an illegal grimoire filled with the magic that binds and ties. Magia and Immuto listed below, with descriptions of each found here.


  • Sleep
  • Bury
  • Elemental Projectile


  • Increase Duration
  • Increase Resistance
  • Natural
  • Ice

Image taken from Asheville Pathfinder Lodge.

The Emerald Tome

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