Vengeance Round

Considered to be urban myth, vengeance rounds are said to be special bullets collected and stored by the Guild for future use. While incredibly rare to make, it is said that if the round is pointed anywhere near its target at a reasonable distance, the bullet will find its target and, once more, always inflict a fatal wound.

Legend says that vengeance rounds can only be created when the “soul” of a victim of homicide is captured by a discharged soulstone in close proximity. While most ’stones render this lifeforce down to featureless magical energy, the rage and sorrow that the victim feels at death persists, and the ’stone will then be primed to be carved into a bullet shape and inflict vengeance on the dealer of such injustice. While the likelihood of such a scenario seems wildly unlikely, the surge of soulstone production in the past four years make the scene more and more likely.

Folklore continues to say that the Guild collect these special soulstones, carefully cataloging them, shaping them, and casing them for immediate use. What discredits this story is the fact that no citizen has reputably seen Guild use of these rounds on the field. Soulstone has been used for decades as projectile material for incendiary and other magical effects by Guild officers, and this can often confused with a vengeance bullet by the populace. This begs the question then: are vengeance rounds simply the fevered imagination of citizens, easily impressed by Guild propoganda, or is the Guild truly collecting, creating, and storing these rounds in the quantities rumored, and why are them simply letting dust settle on them instead of deal the justice designed for?

While most professional hitmen for hire either Earth-side or Mali-side might not admit it, but veterans to the craft never use soulstones to aide in their contracts. While a soulstone-powered construct or magia may help in a hit, the risk or creating a weapon afterward specifically hellbent for their demise is too great.

Vengeance Round

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