Through the Breach

Ampersand Accord

The Party meets Lazarus

Androids_playing_Poker_24x30.jpgAfter the brief Beswick Reunion, the Party couldn’t afford to get too distracted and stay focused on the overwhelming Neverdead threat. To pass the time until the midnight unlocking of Ampersand, Cho’ko begins work on Komodo Ryu in Hoffaman’s Enclave Workshop, and back at the hotel, Dr. McMourning removed the body of the late Beswick.

With minutes to spare, the Party headed to the Qi and Gong to get ready for Ampersand. Using James’ accurate time-piece, they opened the third door North behind the Qi and Gong, just as English Ivan described. Inside they found a vaulted, pitch dark room, with only a wooden floor to ground the massive indoor space. Only the keenest of eyes could possibly see a light source in the far distance, far further than the Qi is deep, but they marched forward, fumbling in the dark.

But as the Party ventured deeper, other light sources began to glow: different sizes, colors, and brightnesses began to follow the Party like a clinging constellation of stars. But, after Ave triggered her Strangemetal Shirt, they soon found the stories to be true, as each light was a different defunk construct mechanically eyeing them with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion.

When the party finally found the primary source of lighting in the center of Ampersand, they were greeted by a very strange sight; a collection of anthropomorphic constructs playing poker with gears and cogs for chips. When the game finally ended, the winner revealed himself to be Lazarus himself. With only a little convincing, Lazarus offered to organize a Freikorps strike team and finally realize his revenge on Horniege once and for all, fulfilling Cho’ko’s destiny step when an additional mining construct offered to be the primary Soulstone component for her second creation.

An uneditted recording of this session can be found here.

Image taken from I Love My Walls.


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