Through the Breach

Campaign Week 1: Extermination

Four factions clash under a new conflict

A lonely, full Delios is rising over Malifaux, and ancient magics are building in kind.

The progression of the alien stars and moons in Malifaux are often harbingers of Neverborn rituals and increased mysticism. Small tag teams from the Guild, Neverborn, Arcanists, and Outcasts, have prepared for this stellar event. The ancient texts demand the blood of the weak… “survival of the fittest” they say. These four crews are ready to deliver.

Unsurprisingly, the Cult of December relished the task, as their cannibalistic ways aligned perfectly to the demands of the sacrificial rituals. The Special Divisions of the Guild fared well, pushing back the increasing monstrous threats with little to no casualties. A tall, lanky spirit accompanied by a ragtag group of Outcasts also pushed their agenda, but at great cost and injury. The Neverborn spirits took the greatest beating over the week, but now everyone is anxious of their inevitable vengeance.


jthompson jthompson

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