Through the Breach

Campaign Week 2: Ancient Monument

Four factions continue the ritual

While Delios is setting, the first phase of the ritual has been successfully complete. Now to Step Two.

Sacrificing the weak only proved to be a catalyst for a larger ritual. After the moon past it’s Full Moon phase, numerous, large monuments have erupted out of the Malifaux streets. Their etchings demand for even more bloodshed to progress the ritual. To assist in the slaughter, these monuments pulse with aetheric power, enhancing surrounding magics, much to the four crew’s glee.

Once again, the Cult of December remains on top, slaying and eating dozens of innocents to fuel their frozen magics. The wandering gang of the damned were close behind, as their emissary has made an appearance. The Guild stands strong against the Neverborn tide, even after a crippling defeat earlier this week. The ground shakes; what will these rituals actually raise?


jthompson jthompson

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