Through the Breach

Meridion's Meridian

The Party starts their search for Strangemetal.

371670-bigthumbnail.jpgOn their way to recover Strangemetal from Pancho Peach’s direction, Mr. H’s Five dived deep into a trackless part of the Bayou in search of the Old Malifaux ruin. While their travels went off without incident, nightfall came dark and foreboding. Right when things began to look dire and hopeless, they found the half-buried Ziggurat in a large clearing of the swamp.

A strange structure of discordant stones and weirdly consistent shapes of partial concentric circles, Ave, James, and Cho descended into the structure, while Mirra and Pancho stood guard at the entrance and protected the small dinghy.

Using Horniege’s head as a light source, the original Three climbed down spiral staircase after staircase and queasy hallway after hallway. As they got deeper into the structure, they also sensed an oppressive “headiness” that blurred their vision and muddled their thoughts.

After finally descending a few hundred meters well below the Bayou, the Three found an open chamber filled with multicolored luminescence as big as the clearing above. Inside, Ave stealthed in and espied a small group of Terror Tots and Young Nephilim bounded around the vast space.

The Three attacked, but when the first Tot fell, Killjoy was summoned by the carnage. The Young in turn activated strange daises that continued to hamper the Party’s combat effectiveness with skull-splitting “headiness.” While Killjoy mercilessly carved into Ave, the Three still were able to limp away from the fight with their nephilim foes vanquished.

After the fight, five statues rose from the rubble, all horned male nephilim forms. One covered its eyes, the next ears, mouth, and nose, with the last screaming with missing hands. Each seem to be some sort of offering stone, and with exactly five members, they might be the key to pressing further, especially when one still has one unstolen, Strangemetal eye.

Image taken from Desktop Nexus, "On the Way for a Night Prayer.

An unedited recording of this session can be found here.


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