Monique's Tinkerer Character


Pursuit Ranks as of 12/9/14 (Guessing)

Tinkerer: 3
Performer: 2?
Dabbler: 2?
Grave Robber: 3

Associated Links:


• Long straight ebony hair that is in a braid, black eyeliner

o Amerasian

• Grey slacks with matching vest, Victorian cream blouse, women’s spats with a 1”-2” heel, think leather fingerless gloves

• Not quite right in the head, but smart enough to not show it to the populace

o Start more cut and dry then loosen up over time

o Disassociation with pain birth defect


• Cho-Ko comes from a family that is in a sense, indentured to the Beswicks

o Is the close-quarters to James Beswick’s ranged attacks

• Went to Malifaux when young with family when they were escorting/brought along with the Beswicks (James elder family members), so Cho-Ko has no illusions when it comes to Malifaux

o Also this is when she first encounter undead/necromancy

• Has a mutual respect for James Beswick since he accepts her for who she is, and she accepts him for who he is

o Doesn’t let James Beswick get away with much shenanigans when they involve her


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