Through the Breach

Campaign Week 3: Carnivorous Plants

Four factions battle the Malifaux foliage that is awoken by the rituals.

With the ritualistic slaughter complete, the Frostrun runs red with blood, which has inadvertently fertilized a new bloom of hungry flora.

Whether it is the result of the earlier rituals or not, voracious plants have erupted from the cobblestones, devouring or poisoning all those around them. The Guild has posted a hasty bounty to cut down the invasive supernatural plants, peaking the attention of several mercenary groups. Though some wonder; will there be unforeseen repercussions for such a slash-and-burn policy for this new vegetation? Time will tell.

While the incursion of the vegetation was particularly virulent at the beginning of the week, crews adapted quickly to hack away the opportunistic plant life. Four mercenary crews gained much profit from Guild-sactioned clear-cutting, gaining the notice from some major movers and shakers in Malifaux. The Outcast also received an additional boon, claiming they found the legendary staff “Insight” hidden within one of the thorny bushes.


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