Abom.jpgThese creatures are terrifying conglomerations of flesh and machine. Crafted together with little regard for what parts go where, they are as likely to have two arms and two legs as two heads and no feet. At the core of every abomination is a small slip of Soulstone, imparting these horrific creations with some semblance of a soul. If this makes them human enough to be worth saving or if they are an abomination too foul to be allowed to live is a question asked by many who come in contact with them.

So corrupt is the scent of rotten flesh and used oil that anyone caught at close range may find themselves debilitated. Abominations use this moment of weakness to strike, tearing at the flesh of their victim and using it to replace parts which have rotted fully away or fallen off
their own bodies.

Though gruesome in appearance, a person of strong heart and mind can get close enough to attack. Many Abominations are created with the least of care, forming a fragile shell that is easily damaged. There was no master plan in the creation of these monsters. What looks like flesh is typically soft and squishy and what looks like machine is typically brittle.

The most terrifying ability of the Abomination is its ability to change form. Given direction by a skilled Resurrectionist, they can combine to form a Desolation Engine, one of the most feared creations in all of Malifaux. As frightening as these creatures might be, the scarier idea is that the man or woman who created them is out there somewhere. It is no simple matter to combine flesh and machinery into a cohesive being. Somewhere, perhaps around the next corner is a person who has discovered some of the most ancient secrets of the Malifaux. He or she will soon be following behind his or her creation…

The above is taken from Through the Breach: Fatemaster Almanac. All rights reserved by Wyrd Miniatures, LLC.


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