Bayou Gremlin

Gremlin.pngTo the Southeast of the city proper is the bayou. Many creatures call this place their home, but the most intelligent are the Gremlins. They are small, wily creatures who live in groups along the edge of the swamps. They are highly influential and attempt to mimic the human colonies that live round them. This had led to some odd quirks among Gremlinkind. Among Som’er Teeth Jones’s crew, they believe that the Gremlin with the bigger hat is the leader, while Ophelia LaCroix has trained each of her Gremlins to mimic members of the Ortega family.

One of the ways in which Gremlins have been most influenced in their use of moonshine. A Gremlin can be convinced to fight through mortal wounds for a small sip of the grainy booze which comes from the myriad of stills set up in every goblin camp. A more dangerous imitation is in their use of guns. Though restricted to those that can be found or stolen from nearby humans, the Gremlins have failed to adopt the training regime that usually comes with firearms, making them as likely to hit themselves as their enemies.

Small and wiry, most Gremlins are bright green in color and no larger than a human child. Their eyes are oversized for their faces which are typically scrunched together. Uneven teeth spill from their bulging lips, which makes it hard for them to talk to anyone but themselves. Alone, they could be easily overpowered, but it is rare for Gremlins to travel without several companions, and their numbers become their greatest weapons.

For being so ugly, they are surprisingly fertile. Gremlins give birth in litters of twenty or more. Only their sheer stupidity and the sweet taste of their flesh has kept them from overrunning the Bayou and, from there, the rest of Malifaux.

The above is taken from Through the Breach: Fatemaster Almanac. All rights reserved by Wyrd Miniatures, LLC.

Bayou Gremlin

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