Desolation Engine

Desolation_Engine.jpgThis monstrosity is composed of nothing but rotten flesh and spare parts. Even these bits of borrowed soul cannot instill a sense of humanity in such a creature. Every move it makes causes a putrid fluid to spill from the imperfect seams between flesh, bone, and piping. Massive claws can tear through bone and metal with little resistance and, like its predecessors, it can use the flesh of its victims to replace its own which has sloughed off in the course of attacks or movement.

Desolation Engines have no concept of loyalty or companionship. One is as likely as not to turn on its own crew to supplement itself, should enemies run out: only the influence of a truly potent necromancer can slow its rampage.

The creature is massive, towering over even the tallest human in the City. Even when some flesh has been torn off, a Desolation Engine does not survive on a given shape; it’s body can reform itself around the removed sections and search for its attacker to replace the flesh that was stolen. Several Abominations can be destroyed and reformed as one large Desolation Engine. When the creature is killed, the magic left in each piece will quickly spawn Abominations, continuing the dark process unless they are also put down.

The above is taken from Through the Breach: Fatemaster Almanac. All rights reserved by Wyrd Miniatures, LLC.

Desolation Engine

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