mine-shaft-mural-frank-wilson.jpgThe lifeblood of Malifaux’s economy is the Soulstone. These rare gemstones serve as a magical fuel source on Earthside, and are instrumental to the creation of many wonders.

Most Soulstones are not very large, and are not of very high quality, fit for being embedded in jewelry. These Soulstones can hold only the faintest magical charge and are burnt out when used, becoming inert, if beautiful, rocks.

These stones are often ground into a powder and used by Guild agents on Earth to work magics. The powder is also provided to some governments or powerful universities for training purposes.

Larger or higher quality Soulstones, however, are not expended when used. The charge is not infinite, but it will rebuild its reserve on its own over time. Once depleted, the magic effect that the Soulstone is powering will fail, and must be re-applied.

For this reason it is vitally important that a Soulstone of sufficient size and quality be used in any situation where the caster wishes a permanent effect. The Soulstone must recharge faster than it is depleted.

Of course, a Soulstone can also be recharged in a variety of ways (such as the Harness Soulstone skill, or Siphoning), which can make even a low quality Soulstone a viable fuel source for an enchantment in the hands of a skilled or vile practitioner.

The above is taken from Through the Breach: Fatemaster Almanac. All rights reserved by Wyrd Miniatures, LLC.

Mineshaft mural by Frank Wilson.


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